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If you are the owner or manager of a five or more story building, your rooftop might be worth a small fortune! Following the telecommunications revolution of the 1990s, cell phones, pagers, and digital PCS have become an integral part of every business and home. Many building owners with a keen business acumen are taking advantage of the situation and earning a considerable profit, as a result. There exists a tremendous market of telecommunications companies seeking more and more space on desirable rooftops.

Indeed, rooftops have become a "hot commodity" to companies seeking optimum sites for antennas and transmitters due to advances in wireless telephone technology. As one of the most exciting growth industries of the Millennium, new wireless telecommunications services will require virtually thousands of structures on which transmitting antennas can be located.

As a rooftop management company backed by twenty years of experience in the wireless industry, Rooftop Telecom USA makes the right connection between building owners and carriers. They have earned a sterling reputation in the industry for their integrity, as well as for their commitment to client satisfaction. Rooftop represents landlords regarding the installation of antennas and radio equipment on their roofs. Many owners are unaware of their rooftops' value. Additionally, they do not know who the potential telecommunications carriers are. Rooftop deals with dozens of carriers so they can inform landlords of which companies will be attracted to their rooftops.

Rooftop Telecom points out that a site need not necessarily be a specific height in order to be considered attractive to a potential carrier. Today's personal and business communications require a variety of antennas and transmitters. Building owners, take note -- don't disqualify your building if it isn't tall. Let Rooftop determine whether it is a potential antenna site. Often, a wireless communications carrier may be interested in a rooftop if it has an elevation that is above the average terrain and if the building can't be blocked by another structure.

Lest you harbor the misconception that rooftop antennas will mar your building's aesthetic appeal, this is no longer the case. For the most part, the latest models of antennas are barely discernible and are painted into the building's exterior. You -- or anyone else -- will not even notice the presence of antenna. Moreover, if multiple antennas are to be installed on one rooftop, they may be surrounded with a specially designed enclosure that resembles a small rooftop penthouse.

Today, as never before, there is a tremendous market in Personal Communications services. Accordingly, it is spurring an unprecedented demand on the part of wireless providers for transmission rights on building antennas. Building owners are in an excellent position to increase their monthly profits and cover some of their real estate taxes by taking full advantage of the situation. Whether you own an office building or a multi-family dwelling, it is in your best interest to call Rooftop Telecom USA to determine whether it is suitable for rooftop installations. Presently, many rooftops are idle and generate no income for the owner. It is comparable to not knowing about an office suite or apartment that is on your property and losing a monthly income because of it.

Rooftop Telecom USA is responsive to the needs of its clients, and inspires confidence from both building owners and carriers. They have a firm understanding of the wireless industry and are able to develop a sound system that is ideal for your site. After a Rooftop representative visits the site, he will solicit telecommunications customers. Rooftop has a keen knowledge of the FCC's regulations regarding radio emissions from commercial wireless carriers and are able to apply them.

Sam, Project Manager of Rooftop Telecom USA, advises, "Just as your building needs a super, plumber and a roofer, a roof top manager is equally important If you already have one antenna on the roof, let us know about it. You can have two antennas on the same roof. Obtaining revenue from your rooftop requires in most cases practically no time, effort or investment on your part. Unlike adding a telephone in front of your building, which often brings crowds of people to your property, or a coin-operated washer and dryer, requiring your payment of electricity and metered water bills, rooftop antennas are relatively devoid of hassle. Access to the site is generally infrequent. Essentially, the concept is tantamount to adding a tenant that is not subject to any DHCR regulations to your building."

The adage, "It's not what you know, but whom you know" certainly holds true. With all of the business relationships that Rooftop has built, having them represent your building is the best means of getting carriers to choose your site. Indeed, companies that need service in areas want a one-call stop, where they can get things done quickly and efficiently. For example you might feel that because you are in a good location, you want to wait, rather than sign an exclusive contract. That might be fine, but if your neighbor has a desirable site, or if there are two buildings in the area that can replace one of yours, some companies might want to forego the bother and choose the site that is immediately available.

When will you see results? In some cases, it may take a fair amount of time for a carrier to choose your site. Rooftop Telecom USA absolutely will continue to market your property until your rooftop is selected and the equipment is installed. Says Sam "It's a win-win situation for the landlord to say yes now.

By selecting Rooftop Telecom USA to represent them, building owners are afforded with access to a stable base of telecommunications users. Working closely with each client to custom-create an aesthetic communications site, Rooftop Telecom USA is committed to perfection in the organization and operation of every project.

Rooftop Telecom is offering a unique opportunity for landlords. By calling Rooftop with the name of a potential carrier, landlords will automatically be entered in Rooftop's quarterly drawing for a round-trip ticket to Florida. There's no obligation and duplicate recommendations still qualify. Certain restrictions apply.Click here for details.

Rooftop Telecom is offering a unique opportunity for landlords. By calling Rooftop with the name of a potential carrier, landlords will automatically be entered in Rooftop's quarterly drawing for a round-trip ticket to Florida. There's no obligation and duplicate recommendations still qualify. Certain restrictions apply.

You can fax your list of buildings to 1-877-Roof-304 (1877-766-3304). To request a copy of their simple data collection form faxed to you or to register for Rooftop's upcoming Summer Seminars on Rooftop Revenue call 1-877-5-Rooftop (1-877-576-6386) for details, and, if you prefer, you can download the form by clicking here. Write to Rooftop Telecom USA LLC at P.O. Box 190317; 4616 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11219-0317..